Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Style Crush: Eva Fontanelli

Very simple outfit for her...

(6) eva fontanelli | Tumblr

Herm├ęs bag

Eva in black and white, shoot by Scott Schumann

Eva´s personal style

(6) eva fontanelli | Tumblr

(6) eva fontanelli | Tumblr

Eva Fontanelli

Eva Fontanelli in Paris (Gastro Chic) #Stella_McCartney

Eva Fontanelli - On the Street……Leathers & Feathers, Paris   © The Sartorialist

Eva Fontanelli never fails to impress.

Feathers neckles

eva fontanelli
Images via Pinterest
I have a serious style crush on the editor of Elle Italia at the moment. This favourite of Scott Schuman has it all and I am an unwavering fan of her unique personal style. Her impeccable looks are full of humour, are feminine, understated, whimsical and she rocks the red lippie. No pouting fashion editors welcome here.


  1. i love her hat!!



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